Melody Publishing

師資培訓 Trainings 

Melody hosts many training courses each year. We have conducted trainings in China, South Korea, and Japan. Below are some of the courses we’ve delivered:

  • Whole English language learning training
  • Teaching phonics
  • English workshops for kindergarten teachers
  • Storytelling
  • Drama and theatrical play
  • Using technology in the classroom
  • Using whiteboard in the classroom
  • Using online resources in the classroom
  • Motivation and the 3 skills
  • Teaching speaking, listening and writing
  • Teaching vocabulary
  • Creating a print-rich classroom
  • Creating bulletin boards from students’ work

Our team of experienced teacher trainers ensure that our trainings meet the following guidelines:

  • Superior training quality
  • Practicable skills that can be used immediately in the classroom
  • A wide range of ideas to try out in your classroom
  • The methods discussed in the trainings have been tried in real settings

English Teacher Training

Hats On

Encourage your preschool learners to put their thinking Hats On and discover the world around them using this colorful concept-driven course in American English.

Hats On promotes the learning of English through all content areas. While exploring each unit theme and developing English-language skills, children simultaneously develop science, math, social studies, art and physical development skills.

Furthermore, early literacy plays a key role in each and every unit and there is a carefully planned program of literacy and language skills development across all three levels.

We Can Book Launch

How can students learn English in an environment where they don’t need it? The answer is We can! – and there’s no magic in it. As students clear the goals, one by one, they will naturally learn English.” – Yoko Matsuka

We Can! is a new, exciting, and unique goal-oriented seven-level series for elementary students by one of Asia’s leaders in teaching English to children. In We Can! Yoko Matsuka provides the means for developing the three indispensable elements for success in English – a good curriculum, a good teacher, and good teaching material.

We Can! book launch with author, Yoko Matsuka.

We Can! Unique Features

  • Easy to Evaluate
  • Spiral Curriculum
  • English for Real Communication
  • Rhythm and Pronunciation
  • Balanced Use of Phonics
  • Expansion of Discourse
  • An Interactive Website