We Can Book Launch


How can students learn English in an environment where they don't need it? The answer is We can! - and there's no magic in it. As students clear the goals, one by one, they will naturally learn English." - Yoko Matsuka

We Can! is a new, exciting, and unique goal-oriented seven-level series for elementary students by one of Asia's leaders in teaching English to children. In We Can! Yoko Matsuka provides the means for developing the three indispensable elements for success in English - a good curriculum, a good teacher, and good teaching material.


We Can! book launch with author, Yoko Matsuka.

We Can! Unique Features

  • Easy to Evaluate
  • Spiral Curriculum
  • English for Real Communication
  • Rhythm and Pronunciation
  • Balanced Use of Phonics
  • Expansion of Discourse
  • An Interactive Website