Effective Learning with Stories       

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*Framework English Learning








1. Present

Teacher Teaches the Lesson by presenting the words and grammar to build background knowledge.

  1. Present the words, grammar, and language
  2. Present the story, conversations, and songs


2. Practice

Students Acquire with Teacher Guidance by practicing the words and grammar to train the brain in remembering the knowledge.

  1. Teaching Aides
  2. Worksheets / Workbook
  3. Guided Games / Activities


3. Use Students Remember with Independent work by using the words and grammar in real language settings to retain the learned knowledge.

  1. Pair or Group Work
  2. Role Playing / Drama
  3. Projects / Homework
  4. Student-Centered Games / Activities



  1. INTRODUCTION / WARM-UP *Naughty Monkeys *Animal Sounds
  2. PRESENT words Teach Story Vocab using slides
  3. PRACTICE words Practice with a quick guessing game.
  4. PRESENT sentence patterns Tell the story using real language.
  5. PRACTICE sentence patterns Pair up students to practice language using teaching aides.
  6. USE language

*Prepare a drama using a simple 4-6 frame storyboard.

*Having students draw, write or create storyboard.