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Rocket is a program based on instructional practices appropriate for the development of young learners to learn English as a second or foreign language. It is a carefully designed language-learning curriculum packed with a wide variety of engaging stories, songs, and activities for children to discover. Let’s hop on the rocket and explore the English World.

  • 三年完整的生活化主題,讓孩子的學習豐富有趣、多元有效,透過大量的歌曲韻文(Songs and Chants),精采有趣的故事(Story)和孩子最愛的遊戲(Games),快樂地建構美語力。
  • 每冊有5個大單元(Unit),每個大單元有7個小單元(Lesson),內容包含Story故事,Word Fun單字句型,Songs歌曲,Say and Paste練習,Everyday Talk生活美語,Chant韻文,Games遊戲。


Story Fun 故事情境引發孩子的學習興趣


Start with an interesting story to stimulate Kid’s learning motivation.


Word Fun 學習本課新單字,建立說句型的能力與問問句的能力


Learn new words and build sentences with a fun theme.

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  • 透過豐富多元的歌曲,讓孩子在唱歌中,儲備美語實力。
    Excellent songs for kids to practice the language while moving around.

  • 大量的貼紙遊戲,讓孩子一邊玩一邊開口說美語。
    Fun stickers for kids to play and reinforce the target language.

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Everyday Talk 學習常用的生活美語與校園美語,讓美語生活化並當個有禮貌的寶貝 

Children will learn about values and responsibilities through useful daily conversations. They will learn to use polite language, share with one another, work together, and help each other.

  • Everyday Talk Chant 首創讓孩子透過念謠把生活美語念的朗朗上口
    Chant is the most enjoyable way for children to internalize English structure and intonation. Children will be chanting as well as moving which is great way to include those auditory and kinesthetic learners.


Games 孩子最愛的就是遊戲,運用吸引孩子的大圖遊戲頁,讓孩子在遊戲中不知不覺說美語

Games are a favorite for children. They will be pasting stickers, playing through mazes and board games, all the while speaking and learning English. The game page is also an excellent way to show parents what they’ve learned.

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For Children 給孩子完整的配備用書

  • Student Book 學生課本
  • Workbook 學生活動本
  • Student CD 課本情境&歌曲朗讀CD
  • ABC & Speak 字母&單字句型小書
  • Story & Drama Book + CD故事戲劇書 + CD

For Teachers 給教師完整的教學資源

  • Flashcards 閃卡
  • 情境海報
  • 遊戲海報
  • 單字句型海報
  • 教學進度表
  • 中英文教師手冊
  • 教學電子白板課件
  • I-Pen點讀筆